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Beef Report - Greener Choices

Full Report

Beef Report

In addition to being a popular food, beef can also be contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick. We tested beef for bacteria and antibiotic resistance, and found significant differences between conventionally produced beef and beef that was more sustainably produced (with no antibiotics, certified organic and/or grass-fed). In our report, we share our test results, discuss the intersection between sustainable beef production practices and food safety, and tell you which labels to look for when shopping for more sustainably produced beef.


What Do Labels on Beef Really Mean?

Are you looking to buy beef from farms with high standards for animal welfare and environmental stewardship, but you're not sure where to begin? Labels can tell you the story behind the food, and we have reviewed the requirements behind the labels you're likely to see. Our labels chart will help you find out what labels really mean, so you can make informed decisions when shopping for beef.